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Extreme Heat
purple martins, martin house, martin nest, baby martins, drought, hot birds
Tree Swallow/Blue Bird/Purple Martin INTERFERENCE
TSEmergency aka tree swallow, bluebird and purple martin interference by Dan Drew, what to do when trihabitation threatens to disrupt the tree swallow, purple martins and bluebirds at your site.
Purple Martin Decoys
Purple martin decoys have been proven to increase the chances of attracting purple martins to a new colony site and can even save the lives of purple martins when under attack by hawks.
Purple Martins- Fact vs Fiction
Purple martin facts to help you make an informed decision when deciding what kind of purple martin bird house you should buy for your backyard. The facts about purple martins
Is It A Purple Martin
Purple martins are often misidentified as other birds such as tree swallows, European starlings and other birds. Learn how to correctly identify the purple martin from other wild birds that look similar to the untrained eye. Purple martin identification.
Martin houses
Martin houses come in a wide variety of designs, materials and quality. Choosing the right location for your martin house is just as important as what kind of house you choose for your purple martins. Both can save their lives. From preventing predation from owls to raccoon, the purple martin house ...
Purple Martin Bird Houses
Choosing the right purple martin bird house can save you money. What you need to know to find what martin house is right for you and your purple martins. The right Purple martin bird houses can save the lives of your purple martins and keep them safe from predators and safe from weather extremes, de...
PMCA Emergency Feeding of ADULTS
Emergency Supplemental feeding of Adult Purple Martins due to extended bad weather. Tossing crickets and scrambled eggs can save entire purple martin colonies from starvation.
Emergency Feeding of Purple Martins
how to give food to a purple martin. Force feeding a purple martin. feeding an injured bird and what to do when you find a purple martin on the ground.
Hydration of Purple Martins
How to rehydrate a purple martin. Purple martins that fall out of nests or can not fly are at a high risk for dehydration. Simple way to help your purple martins survive.
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