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English House Sparrow I.D.
hosp identification and information. how to identify an English House Sparrow from other native look alike birds
A Relaxing Hobby or An Active Endeavor?
Can being a Purple Martin Landlord be a Relaxing Hobby? Here are a few baby steps to help all native birds in your backyard.
Owls:Protect your Purple Martins
Protect your purple martins from owl attacks, as owl predation is a common cause of colony abandonment , also known as why my purple martins did not return.
Purple Martin Housing Placement
Where to put your purple martin house can affect your success as a purple martin landlord. Make sure your purple martin bird house placement is correct.
5 Steps for Attracting Purple Martins
When trying to attract purple martins to your yard you need to keep in mind 5 essential points to help you in attracting purple martins. These will help you in getting your purple martin colony started.
Purple Martin Nest Requirements
Purple Martin Requirements for nesting. To increase your chances of attracting purple martins.
What you will need to host Purple Martins
What you will need to host Purple Martins in your backyard. What type of Purple Martin bird houses, purple martin gourds and purple martin pole you select for your purple martins is vital.
Purple Martin Basics
Basic overview for those interested in hosting Purple Martins. Purple martin information to learn about purple martins and other purple martin information. Everything you need to get purple martins is available here. Find the largest selection of purple martin information, purple martin bird houses ...
Basic Terminology
Common Purple Martin Landlord Terminology. Basic purple martin Terminology and purple martin terms to understand purple martin lingo.
Purple Martin Nest Site Competitors
Nest site competitors that purple martin landlords will come into contact with when trying to attract purple martins and how to identify and deal with both native and non native threats
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