Purple Martins are North Americas largest swallow and are our Passion. We offer the best selection of purple martin housing, supplies, gifts, and more at the best price. Find a better price? Send us an email with a link and we will beat it!
We have everything you need to attract Purple Martins to your backyard and we use these products on our own colony.
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Purple Martin Landlord

A short video on why I love being a Purple Martin Landlord. Video courtesy of the Palm Beach Post and Cydney Scott.

Our colony of purple martins in Florida has been growing since 2008. If you are a local Florida landlord please drop us a line. We welcome comments and love to hear from other purple martin landlords. We love our martins and are committed to filling the air with more of these wonderful birds.

We at want you to know that whatever type of purple martin bird house you decide on, we want you to be successful. We are NOT a generic pet or bird website selling a product we are not familiar with. We have our own colony of purple martins that return every year. Many of the products we sell we use in our own colony. If you have questions about any of the items we sell, please email or call us and we will be happy to assist you.

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