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    The new "One Fits All" Insert trap is very effective for capturing House Sparrows AND European Starlings. The One Fits All SREH Insert Trap fits inside the compartment of a wide variety of purple martin houses INCLUDING 6x6 compartments. And like the name states, this trap will fit ALL types of Starling Resistant Entrances. The trap will capture pesky S&S (sparrows and starlings) alive and unharmed.

    This trap was introduced in the 2010 season and has a unique trap entrance that accommodates all types of Starling Resistant Entrance Holes. Now whether or not you have a martin house with round holes OR SREH of ANY type, this insert trap can be used. The red colored door alerts you from a distance when the trap has been sprung.

    Secure door catch prevents the trapped bird from lifting the door open once the door has closed.

    4 1/4 inches high
    5 inches wide
    4 3/4 inches deep
    The top of the crescent shaped opening is 2 3/4 inches from the floor of the trap
    The crescent shaped opening is generously sized at 3 3/4 inches wide to accommodate many entrance types.
    Measure the interior of your purple martin compartment to assure that this trap will fit as the name "One Fits All SREH" does not refer to compartment compatibility.

    As with all traps, native, non target birds can be caught. We recommend close observation and only trapping birds when you are able to monitor the trap closely.
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