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Plastic Gourd Care

How to care for Plastic Gourds.

1. Gourds should be cleaned out at the end of each season.
2. Gourds can be washed with any mild detergent, but not necessary. I have used the "Mr. Clean Magic Erasure" on the exterior of my gourds and it really cleaned them up.
3. Store gourds inside during the winter months.
4. Place several large handful of soft pine needles or other bedding material inside the gourds before the martins return in the Spring.
5. Replace broken caps and consider adding liners to the interior of the caps to darken the gourds interior. I also add electrical tape to the threads of my gourds access port. This help to keep the gourds cap (lid) secure.
6. Consider adding vents to your gourds.

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