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Purple Martin Information and Facts


Overview of the Purple Martin (Progne subis)

Are you interested in learning more about North America's largest swallow? You have found a good place to start. Below are articles full of information that you will need to start on your path to attracting martins to your backyard or if you already have martins, to be a better Landlord. From information on purple martin housing, history, determining the ages, purple martin terminology and even preparing egg shells for your martins to eat.

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All of the purple martin information in this section and the section titled "What You Need" and "Threats" is geared towards helping you become a more informed purple martin landlord.
Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
Purple Martins- Fact vs Fiction
Purple martin facts to help you make an informed decision when deciding what kind of purple martin bird house you should buy for your backyard. The facts about purple martins
Is It A Purple Martin
Purple martins are often misidentified as other birds such as tree swallows, European starlings and other birds. Learn how to correctly identify the purple martin from other wild birds that look similar to the untrained eye. Purple martin identification.
Martin houses
Martin houses come in a wide variety of designs, materials and quality. Choosing the right location for your martin house is just as important as what kind of house you choose for your purple martins. Both can save their lives. From preventing predation from owls to raccoon, the purple martin house ...
Preparing Egg Shells
Purple martin calcium supplementation to help in egg laying and to prevent egg binding in purple martins by providing crushed egg shells.
Purple Martin Age/Sex Identification
A basic guide to determine male and female purple martins and their ages. How to tell a Purple Martins Age and determine the sex of purple martins including asy and sy birds.
A Relaxing Hobby or An Active Endeavor?
Can being a Purple Martin Landlord be a Relaxing Hobby? Here are a few baby steps to help all native birds in your backyard.
Purple Martin Basics
Basic overview for those interested in hosting Purple Martins. Purple martin information to learn about purple martins and other purple martin information. Everything you need to get purple martins is available here. Find the largest selection of purple martin information, purple martin bird houses ...
Basic Terminology
Common Purple Martin Landlord Terminology. Basic purple martin Terminology and purple martin terms to understand purple martin lingo.
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