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Threats to Purple Martins


Overview of the many threats to your Purple Martins in your backyard.

The articles below are full of information that you will need to provide a healthy and thriving Purple Martin colony. From predators to parasites and what you can do to help your Purple Martins survive.
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All of the purple martin information in this section and the sections titled "the Purple Martin" and "What You Will Need" are geared towards helping you maintain a thriving purple martin colony in your backyard. strongly recommends active participation in management of your purple martin colony, which includes the trapping of non-native nest site competitors such as English House Sparrows and European Starlings.
Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
Extreme Heat
purple martins, martin house, martin nest, baby martins, drought, hot birds
Nest Parasite Control for Purple Martins
Nest parasites can suck nutrients from purple martin nestlings and kill them. Prevent and treat parasite infestations with these tips. Nest Parasite Control for Purple Martins, how to identify and treat parasite infestations in purple martin nests using sevin or other techniques
How to do a Nest Change for Purple Martins (video)
Nest change video for purple martin nests to control nest parasites such as mites, blowflies and bird lice. how to do a purple martin nest change.
Raccoons in our Midst
Raccoons can cause huge damage to your Purple Martin Colony. We always stress the use of predator guards. But even the challenge of a predator guards can occasionally be overcome by the crafty Raccoon.
Starling Resistant Entrances Holes
Starling Resistant Entrances Holes, SREH to protect your purple martins from European starling attacks in purple martin houses with round holes.
Black Flies
Black Fly infestation of Purple Martin nests. Preventative measures to protect your Purple Martins. Protecting your purple martins from black flies, black fly and buffalo gnat infestations
Threats to your Purple Martins
Threats to your purple martins, purple martin predators and enemies that will attack your purple martin colony
S&S Control Techniques
What you can do to control the Starlings and Sparrows in your yard to protect your Purple Martins. starling and sparrow control techniques to protect your purple martin colony from hosp, eust and S&S
English House Sparrow I.D.
hosp identification and information. how to identify an English House Sparrow from other native look alike birds
Owls:Protect your Purple Martins
Protect your purple martins from owl attacks, as owl predation is a common cause of colony abandonment , also known as why my purple martins did not return.
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