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Threats to your Purple Martins

Threats to Purple Martins

Snakes: Use predator guards and snake netting

Raccoons: Use predator guards

Hawks: Use decoys and alter their position every few days.

Owls: Use owl guards at a minimum. Read our Owl article for more.

Non native nest site competitors (European Starlings and English House Sparrows): Use SREH, pull nests and TRAP!

Native nest site competitors (House Wren) Pull nests if NO eggs present. Plug compartment until wren finds another nest site.

Weather extremes (extended rain or wind of more than 2 days, drought,heat waves) Supplemental feeding of crickets, mealworms or scrambled eggs. See PMCA pdf for more info.

Cats Place nest material, supplemental food or egg shells on a raised platform-not on ground.

Opportunistic Predators (Crows, BlueJays and Seagulls) Enlarge compartments and observe

Parasites: blow flies, black flies, mites: Nest changes. Sevin dust for mites.

Wing Entrapment Walking around your housing twice a day is suggested, and physically removing the bird from the door way-very gently.
Purple Martin Wing Entrapment

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