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What you will need to host purple martins


Overview of what you will need to host Purple Martins (Progne subis) to your back yard.

The articles below are full of information that you will need to be a Purple Martin Landlord. From information on purple martin housing and poles, to housing location and purple martin nesting requirements. Click on an article title to read more.

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All of the purple martin information in this section and the sections titled "the Purple Martin" and "Threats" are geared towards helping you maintain a thriving purple martin colony in your backyard.

We at want you to know that whatever type of purple martin bird house you decide on, we want you to be successful. We are NOT a generic pet or bird website selling a product we are not familiar with. We have our own colony of purple martins that return every year. Many of the products we sell we use in our own colony. If you have questions about any of the items we sell, please email or call us and we will be happy to assist you.
Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
Purple Martin Decoys
Purple martin decoys have been proven to increase the chances of attracting purple martins to a new colony site and can even save the lives of purple martins when under attack by hawks.
Purple Martin Bird Houses
Choosing the right purple martin bird house can save you money. What you need to know to find what martin house is right for you and your purple martins. The right Purple martin bird houses can save the lives of your purple martins and keep them safe from predators and safe from weather extremes, de...
Purple Martin Gourd Weights
purple martin gourds, purple martins, weights for gourds for purple martins
Purple Martin Housing Placement
Where to put your purple martin house can affect your success as a purple martin landlord. Make sure your purple martin bird house placement is correct.
5 Steps for Attracting Purple Martins
When trying to attract purple martins to your yard you need to keep in mind 5 essential points to help you in attracting purple martins. These will help you in getting your purple martin colony started.
Purple Martin Nest Requirements
Purple Martin Requirements for nesting. To increase your chances of attracting purple martins.
What you will need to host Purple Martins
What you will need to host Purple Martins in your backyard. What type of Purple Martin bird houses, purple martin gourds and purple martin pole you select for your purple martins is vital.
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