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Basic Terminology
When reading and learning about purple martins, you will come across several terms common to purple martin landlords. By learning these basic purple martin terms you will soon be able to join in the conversations and understand this purple martin lingo. BB: Bluebirds Dawnsong: Purple Martin so...more
Purple Martin Basics
The Purple Martin also known as Blackish swallow, Golondrina Azulnegra, Golondrina grandenegruzca, Golondrina azul americana, Golondrina Purpúrea, Hirondellenoire, Andorinha-Azul, Andorinha-Púrpura. Wherever you live and whatever you call one, you cannot deny the precious tie that binds this bi...more
Purple Martin Nest Requirements
Purple Martin Nest Requirements Nesting requirements should be taken into consideration when selecting Purple Martin Housing. These requirements serve as a basic foundation to help increase the attractiveness of your martin houses so that you will be better able to attract purple martins to your ba...more
What you will need to host Purple Martins
There are a few things you will need to host purple martins in your backyard. What type of Purple Martin bird houses, purple martin gourds and purple martin pole you select for your birds is vital. Types of Purple Martin Housing 1. Aluminum 2. Foam 3. Gourds 4. Plastic 5. ...more
5 Steps for Attracting Purple Martins
5 Basic Steps for Purple Martin "Newbies"There are 5 basic rules that you can employ which will improve your chances of attracting Purple Martins to nest in your yard.Proper Location for Martin housing. Purple Martin housing should be close to human housing or activity. The Purple Martins prefer to ...more
Purple Martin Housing Placement
A vital key to getting Purple Martins to select your site is LOCATION.Remember to be realistic about the locations you have in mind to place a martin house. Keep in mind that if you have a Homeowners Association, it may be more difficult for you. You may have to check with your HOA to see if having ...more
Owls:Protect your Purple Martins
Owl Protection I strongly encourage all those that do not have predator protection in place to give it some thought. The work that Purple Martin Landlords go through to attract these birds is significant. The damage an Owl can do over the course of a few nights is devastating. Once an Owl discover...more
A Relaxing Hobby or An Active Endeavor?
What can you do to help the plight of the Purple Martin? Even if you are not an active Purple Martin Landlord you can help. If you do have Purple Martins, but don't actively manage your site, you can help even more and still enjoy a relaxing hobby. Stop feeding cheap bird seed. Stop fe...more
English House Sparrow I.D.
English House Sparrows and Native Look-Alikes Correct identification of HOSP Is it an English House Sparrow otherwise known as HOSP? If you are pulling nests or trapping, it is important that you are sure. It is amazing how many times even the most common of birds is misidentified.  ...more
S&S Control Techniques
OK, so you are convinced. Your Purple Martins are outnumbered at best, “out-beaked” at worst. You have decided that all is fair in Love and War, and it’s WAR! You have gone through all this effort and as soon as you get martins to nest, the Starlings and English House Sparrows (S&a...more
Threats to your Purple Martins
Threats to Purple Martins Snakes: Use predator guards and snake netting Raccoons: Use predator guards Hawks: Use decoys and alter their position every few days. Owls: Use owl guards at a minimum. Read our Owl article for more. Non native nest site competitors (European Starlings and English Ho...more
Black Flies
Article posted with the kind permission of the author, Bob Flamm.Hello folks, The end of June and early July 2008 hit S.E. Iowa hard with a very above average emergence of black flies. An area friend who has a large colony called me and told me about all his babies being killed (70-80) by the ...more
Starling Resistant Entrances Holes
Starling Resistant Entrance Holes or SREH have helped countless Purple Martins from falling victim to European Starlings. They are not without risks. Scroll down for a picture of wing entrapment. There are several entrance options available on the market today. Some of which are protected by patents...more
Purple Martin Gourd Weights
Follows is a partial list of Gourd weights. They are in order of weight, lightest to heaviest.Please do NOT choose a gourd on weight alone. Many things should be considered when choosing what kind of gourd you want to offer your Purple Martins. Such as accessibility, safety from predators, entrance ...more
Raccoons in our Midst
Raccoons are an amazing animal. Though wild, I am sure that had Native Americans wanted to domesticate it, they could have. Only Raccoons would serve no purpose. Wolves were domesticated to herd livestock. Their protective nature was a great advantage. Even cats that serve no functional purpose are ...more
Purple Martin Age/Sex Identification
ASY Male As we all know, only the ASY or After Second Year Purple Martin bears the all over steely blue coloration. It always makes me wonder exactly why they called them "Purple" in the first place. It drives me crazy as an artist. If I paint them blue people will say, "That ain't no Purple...more
How to do a Nest Change for Purple Martins (video)
Make sure you check out our other article on ways to control purple martin nest parasites. Click the small arrow on the lower left hand side of the purple video screen to start this video on how to perform a basic nest change for purple martins. Replacing purple martin nests is a useful and vital t...more
Nest Parasite Control for Purple Martins
The bird louse pictured above is one of several nest parasites that can infest your purple martins and their nests. Blow flies, mites, fleas and other insects can make their lives miserable and can kill nestlings. Even ants can swarm into a nest and cause huge problems. Be aware that some treatments...more
Preparing Egg Shells
Egg Shell Recipe I am ashamed to call this a recipe. All cooking should be this easy. You purple martins however, will gobble these egg shells up as if they were feasting at a banquet. Step one Rinse the eggs off to remove any bits of yolk or white. Step two Place egg shells on a cookie sheet in a...more
Hydration of Purple Martins
Please keep in mind that this information is NOT meant to be used in lieu of taking the purple martin to a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. It is designed to answer basic questions and prevent injury to the purple martins by any incorrect actions. It is also meant to buy time until the bird can be b...more
Emergency Feeding of Purple Martins
Please keep in mind that this information is not meant to be used in lieu of taking the purple martin to a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. It is designed to answer basic questions and prevent injury to the purple martins by any incorrect actions. It is also meant to buy time until the bird can be b...more
PMCA Emergency Feeding of ADULTS
Insects are not flying about in strong winds, cold temperatures and in persistent rain. When adverse weather conditions exist for more than a day or two, offering food is imperative. Without intervention, in the form of supplemental feedings, the purple martins will starve to death. Supplemental f...more
Purple Martin Bird Houses
If you are interested in purple martins and have determined that your yard or location is a suitable habitat for purple martins, the next step is choosing what kind of purple martin bird house you want to provide for these wonderful purple birds. There are many different types of martin house out th...more
Martin houses
Realizing that you want purple martins to nest in your backyard is the first step in what can become a wonderful way to be an active part of conservation, get closer to nature and carry on an age old tradition of providing a place for purple martins to nest. If you live East of the Rocky mountains i...more
Is It A Purple Martin
Purple Martin Identification Eager novice birders and novice purple martin enthusiasts often misidentify birds other common backyard birds to be purple martins. By learning a few helpful hints, behavior and range, you will be able to more accurately identify a purple martin from other bird...more
Purple Martins- Fact vs Fiction
Purple Martins are North America's largest swallow and have been "helped" by man in their reproductive success longer than any other bird. Yet there is a lot of false information on the web designed to separate you from your hard earned dollar. Getting purple martins to nest in your backyard is ofte...more
Purple Martin Nest Site Competitors
Purple Martin Nest Site Competitors Purple Martin landlords can run across many different birds that will find nesting in a purple martin house or gourd an attractive option. If you are pulling nests or trapping, it is important that you are sure what birds you are dealing with. Remember, Non-nat...more
Purple Martin Decoys
Ask any duck hunter and they will tell you one of the tools they use to attract ducks is DECOYS. Let's face it, birds aren't geniuses. They may be evolutionary wonders. Granted, they are certainly marvels of diversity. But having evolved in a world free of such reality twisters such as windows and ...more
Tree Swallow/Blue Bird/Purple Martin INTERFERENCE
Extreme Heat
Extreme heat in a nest can be challenging to combat but if not associated with drought or food shortages, are usually easy to remediate. By making sure all vents are open in nest compartments and gourds, air circulation can be increased which can help lower temps. Many artificial gourds have vents ...more